The 2015 ACADSA Student Groups

Say hello to our 2015 Fall student groups!

Remember to visit the Student Group Fair in the ACAD Cafeteria, on Wednesday October 21 to learn more about the club and travel groups available. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to organize these opportunities.

Fall 2015 Student Group Clubs

APA-ACAD Photography Association

The Association will promote photo-based work by ACAD students by connecting students with established Alberta art markets. Participants will work together to extend their creative practice through the organization of exhibition spaces, travel outings, group exhibitions, and festival submissions.

The Veggin Club

The Veggin Club is a support group for vegan and vegetarian students, and students interested in pursuing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. The Club will provide recipes and practical dietary information, screen documentaries, and host meditation sessions with a registered yoga instructor. Students of all diets are welcome, however, meat is prohibited at meetings.

Sculpture Love

Sculpture Love is a fund-raising community group dedicated to growing a friendly space on campus for students of all departments. Sculpture Love will host weekly after-school events, including a drink-and-draw night. Money raised from Sculpture Love will be used to fund future events, including sculptural day trips open to all students.


Queeriosity provides a safe and interactive space for all LGBTQIA2S+ students at ACAD. The club will strive to be inclusive, progressive, and produce a sense of dialogue and community on campus.

Movie Obscura

Movie Obscura is a film club focusing on lesser-known motion pictures. Screenings will emphasize a casual atmosphere open to critical discussion.

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a group of Christian students looking for a welcoming community on campus. The Fellowship pursues the service of others, and the understanding of Jesus' teachings.

The Horse Club

The Horse Club encourages the creation and exhibition of performance, film, and installation work on campus. The Club aims to host a film festival, and a winter semester exhibition for emerging media artists. Students from all programs and disciplines are welcome.

Game Changers

The Game Changers are a group pursuing creative ways to promote the arts community within and outside of ACAD. Game Changers will use humour and a playful attitude to raise awareness of issues within ACAD, and create campus-focused art to be displayed in a cumulative show.

The F-Word

The F-Word provides a space for students to showcase fibre-focused art, and will emphasize the resources and opportunities within the department.

Crappy Cinema Club/Bad Movie Club

The Crappy Cinema Club will screen movies that were forgotten, panned, or just plain awful. The Club will discuss the movie at the end of each session. All majors are encouraged to attend.


Community is a student-run group that hosts monthly shows inclusive to all ACAD departments, in order to exchange ideas, and promote a sense of peer unity.

ACAD Glass

ACAD Glass will co-host events that engage students and faculty within a social setting, show-casing the physical production of glass to the public.

ACAD Community Gardening Club

The Community Garden will plant and maintain an outdoor garden bed in the back fire lane. Food produced by the Garden will be distributed according to the wishes of participants. Workshop and information sessions will be open to all ACAD students.

ACAD Athletics

ACAD Athletics will create opportunities for ACAD students to participate in competetive team sports, including soccer. Future sports will be selected according to member decision.

Aboriginal Students ACAD

The Aboriginal Students Club emphasized the support and enrichment of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students. Aboriginal students are invited to gather and connect with community elders during campus meetings.

2015 Travel Groups

Sculpture Department Travel Club

The group will raise funds to visit either Portland, Seattle, or Vancouver. The attending students will explore the contemporary and historical arts scene of the chosen city, in order to enrich their sculpture education. This travel group is open to all sculpture majors. Other majors may attend if there are sufficient space and funds available.

Print Media Goes to Portland

The group will travel to the Southern Graphics Council Conference in Portland, an international non-profit book and print arts conference. This travel group is open to Print majors.

Third-Year New York City Trip 2015

The group will travel to New York City, to visit design and illustration firms, and New York-area museums. The attending students will form valuable contacts with professionals in their chosen field. This travel group is open to third-year School of Communication Design majors.