Say hello to our 2016 student groups!

Visit the Student Groups & Galleries section under our Programs & Services on our website. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to organize these opportunities. Contact ACADSA’s Student Group Coordinator to learn more about the clubs, galleries and travel group opportunities available.

2016/17 Student Groups

ACADSA Buttoneers (Button Making Club)

The goal of The ACAD Buttoneers is to promote creativity and community through the making of pin-back buttons. We wish to explore how private fine arts and design practices can be influenced by the wearable medium, and hope to produce enough to participate not only in Show-and-Sale, but also private fundraising events, and a private exhibition in a gallery space, aiming to have these events biannually.

The club aims to be open to all ACAD members, regardless of stream or major, and hopes to be an enjoyable way of exploring personal creativity.


ACADSA Community Garden

The ACAD Community Garden is a student-run and supported garden organization for the school. Currently in its fourth year of operation, this Community Garden strives to enrich the shared space with the wonders of nature and build bridges between students and peers alike.



We are dedicated to fostering a sense of community within the whole of ACAD. By hosting events such as the annual Mug Night, our club engages all students and faculty in a social setting. By hosting production nights, our club engages the school community with the actual production of glass. Production nights include fall season glass pumpkin production, late fall and early winter season Christmas ball production, and late winter season glass mug production. By hosting these and other, similar, events we strengthen the ACAD sense of community.


Blind Spot Juried Show

The Blind Spot Annual Juried Show aims to promote lens-based work by ACAD students and alumni in a professional exhibition setting. Artists will showcase their work as part of Alberta’s Exposure Photography Festival. An opportunity is presented for professional development and learning enhancement by participating in a juried show. Students and alumni are given a chance to work with high-level curators allowing important relationships to be formed and a sense of community to be established. This group and event enables different departments to collaborate and work together encouraging cross-pollination between the lens-based community and people in other fields that share similar interests. This exhibition is open to all ACAD students and alumni allowing the community a chance to engage with established art institutions and galleries. The connections gained from this event have potential to offer future opportunities as well as gain experienced feedback on our work and practice.


Bye-bye MA!

Bye-bye MA! is requesting funds towards our travel group that will help and allow us to grow stronger as community, not only in school, but as well off campus. We would like this opportunity to work together within ACAD to not only bring our department closer, but also allow the school to see what the Media Arts department has to offer. We feel as though many people at ACAD are unsure of what goes on in the Media Arts department and this will be a good way for us to leave a mark within the school. Plus this will really benefit us as a community and allow us to work together as a team and create a better bond. Hopefully we can keep it going over the years so that our department will continue to thrive.


Candlelight Press

We will be hosting a monthly zine making night open to students, alum and the surrounding ACAD community. This group aims to create a safe comforting space by using decorations and props to create a space which inspires creativity and improves mental health. We want this event space to feel warm, calming, and welcoming to all people.

We are hoping to occasionally invite guest speakers who will touch on zine-making and book-making skills. This zine making night is to help folks see the art of zine-making doesn’t need to be precious, that it is about the act of creating.

Additionally, we will be having an end of the year group show, where our members can
showcase their favourite works from the year. An entrance fee of $2 will be charged to attendees, and the money generated will go to the artists.

A collaborative piece will also be created for Show and Sale, and the revenue will go
towards group costs (such as office supplies and decor).


Ceramic Student Travel Group

The Ceramic Student Travel Group exists with the intent of providing support and fundraising opportunities to students wishing to attend the NCECA (The National Council of Education for Ceramic Arts) conference held annually in the month of March.This provides students with valuable learning experiences as well as the opportunity to meet prominent artists in the Ceramic field, most from North America. Members of the travel Group will participate in 2 major fundraising eventswith the potential for a few more if applicable. The main events will be a Chilibowl Sale as well as a Coffee/Tea/Mug Bakesale which will provide students and faculty the chance to purchase handmade ceramic wares and fill their bellies in the process. The funds raised by these events will be distributed amongst the participating students in the group and go towards travel expenses/spending budgets and membership.


Cloth Club

The aim of the fiber student group is to bring students together who are currently enrolled in fiber courses and any other students who are interested in fiber. This group is opened for any students in ACAD to join and primarily made up of fiber majors. We hope to bring students of similar interests together and create a fun open environment to converse about fiber related projects and interests. The group will organize potlucks, discussions, fundraisers, skill exchanges, field trips, gallery and craft show opportunities. Overall our group goal is to give students the opportunity to participate in more fiber related events during the school year and create a space where students can meet other students with similar interests. We would also like to pay students an artist fee for displaying work in the poly and ester gallery wall both semesters.


Coven Gallery

To provide exhibition space and opportunities for students, especially people of colour and queer artists.


Creig Gallery

The Creig Gallery is an exhibition space open to all ACAD students. It is a venue for showcasing two dimensional, non-projection, photo-based work. Through monthly, juried, exhibitions The Creig Gallery aims to contribute to a stronger sense of community and visual practice across all creative areas represented at ACAD. Also fostering community involvement through public events, including alumni presentation and fundraising to increase the Creig Gallery’s self sufficiency.


Critique Club + Knowledge Exchange

The group functions as a resource for multidisciplinary interaction and a means of getting the community and the artists of ACAD and beyond to exist and commingle/communicate within the same space. Ultimately it is designed to allow opportunities for people to get out of their cliches.


Drunken Art-house Movie Night

The Drunken Art-house Movie Night club is an effort to bring more of us together in a fun atmosphere to relax, socialize, and analyze some of the crazy art-house films that every artist should be familiar with. It’s an effort to build the community at ACAD, educate us in some artistic masterpieces, and allow us to unwind and have fun with our peers.


Fridge Gallery

The Fridge Gallery is an exhibition space for ACAD students, faculty, and alumni. The Fridge gallery is meant to showcase works across all design disciplines. This space is meant to build community and be a place to display design as an artistic form of self expression in our institution.


Galerie Gaulin

To provide professional opportunities and exhibitions for those studying Print Media, enabling them to gain experience composing and organizing a show that features their work in the designated Galerie Gaulin (392) gallery space.

Shows will be primarily self directed, presenting artists being responsible for their own set up and take down. A schedule for the academic year will be posted in the home studios (available to both majors and minors) with the designated exhibition dates for members to sign up. It will consist of roughly a dozen shows (10 two week/1 one week). Galerie Gaulin is not juried and offered on a first come, first served basis.

Receptions are recommended but not mandatory, compensation for food and vinyl lettering will be available.

Documentation will be done by the director for a catalogue composed during the summer for those participating, the department, as well as the Print Media archives. Artists will be encouraged to document their own work as well for their professional practice.

Fundraising will be done to cover additional expenses such as the catalogue.



THE HORSE CLUB is dedicated to the creation, nurturing, and exhibition of a community of performance, film and installation artwork.

We aim to create two major exhibitions at ACAD, one in the fall semester, and one in the winter. During the fall we will host a film festival, and during the winter, we will host the (now) traditional Horse Show. For both events, we hope to foster exhibition opportunities for emerging and developing artists, and to facilitate transition into postgraduation artistic practice.

By creating a web of student artists from different programs and disciplines, THE HORSE CLUB hopes to encourage collaboration, experimentation, discovery and a renewed sense of community within and around ACAD and Calgary.


Indigenous Student’s Club

To create and sustain a safe, inclusive Indigenous community presence within ACAD.


Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship

We are a group that meets to study the word of God a couple times a week and join in fellowship together in small events and camps. We seek to inspire words of love, wisdom, and strength in students of faith, or anyone else who is interested in learning about the historical text of the bible, or talk about spirituality. We combine with SAIT for a more inclusive group, and to learn from students of all different backgrounds and programs.


Japanese Learning Language Club (JLLC)

Japanese Language Learning Club (JLLC) is all about learning how to speak, read, and write Japanese. This will help engage students in a social environment that is based on Japanese culture. Students will be encouraged to use what they’ve learnt in everyday settings both at home and when they travel abroad. The club will also help to break language barriers among the ACAD community.


Jewellery Student Project Fund Raiser

Together as a team the jewellery department will come together to raise money for the student project fund that we would like to use this year. The fourth years are going to create a book as a portfolio and would like to use some of the funds, we do not feel right about just taking and so would like to do a fundraiser to give some back to the project fund for other years to use as well.


Karaoke Club

The ACAD Karaoke club is a fun and safe space for ACAD students to get together, sing, dance and have some fun! We also want to bring attention to the awesome sculpture department by hosting it in the Ivan Gallery.


MADT Galleries

The MADT Galleries are exhibition spaces for showcasing projection-based and freestanding installation work. Through an approval system by the directors, students from all departments are encouraged to sign up to install and display their works for critiques or exhibition, though priority is given to those exploring new media and technology. The MADT Galleries are made of four galleries on the fourth floor — the Cage, Closet Gallery, Render Room, and In-Between Room aim to provide a platform for those media difficult to present in other locations around the school.

The Closet Gallery is equipped with 5.1 surround sound and three short-throw projectors which makes it the perfect location to create an immersive viewing experience. The Render Room also has 5.1 surround sound, as well as two wallcovering projectors installed on the back wall. This space is ideal for sound, video, installations, and performance work. The In-Between Room has one projection screen and is typically used for film screenings or small-scale installations, while the Cage is ideal for hanging works and installation.


SCD NYC 2017

We are a group of third year SCD students who are organizing this years trip to New York City. It will be an educational trip to meet with alumni, visit design studios and advertising agencies. This trip will be incredibly pivotal to each student who goes, as we will make professional connections that could last a lifetime. Additionally, we will be exposed to the overwhelming amount of visual culture that NYC is known for, which will only enhance and enliven our design and illustration work/practices.

We will be raising money for the trip by holding bi-weekly bake sales, selling tea and hot chocolate during the winter months, and also by holding an event in November which will include a raffle and music.


Sculpture Love

Sculpture Love endeavors to support ACAD’s Sculpture department and broader community through weekly fundraising events to facilitate a group traveling experience open to any current ACAD student. Sculpture Love is dedicated to fostering a sense of community care and support through weekly events where students and faculty are invited to participate in a casual social gathering.


Tai Chi Club

Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation that grounds the mind, body and soul. Our group will give the students of ACAD the opportunity to improve themselves through this art form once a week, with a professional Tai Chi instructor.


Wall Gallery

A student-run gallery open to ACAD students. Gallery open for 2D works only, due to space restrictions. Students of any year can apply for exhibitions, and members of the Wall Gallery will have final say in which exhibitions are displayed in space.

Submissions will be done over email.


Water Cooler Gallery

The Water Cooler Gallery presents a space alternative to the traditional white cube gallery, and welcomes innovative work in any media.


Water Cooler Residency

To create a critical and creative alternative space for display within the ACAD community.

The Water Cooler residency presents an alternative working space, and welcomes innovative artists.

The WCR is an artist run residency based in Room 378. Structured around the traditional office printer/scanner, residents will be use the facilities to develop new work and will be provided with a showcase space to display the body of work produced during the residency.

Residents will be provided with an office printer/scanner and a “workspace” desk.