We are a family owned business that is looking to fill a position for jewelry creation. We work with brass and silver and are looking for someone to create simple pieces like stud earrings and twisted bangles from raw material to finished piece.

This is not one of a kind work. We are looking for “bulk” production where 5-10 of the same piece are to be created at one time. We value a good balance of efficiency and detail in this work.

This is a temporary position that will eventually lead into a part-time position in the busy sales months. We are a growing business and would like to have people who are looking to grow with us!

Applicants should e-mail with their expected hourly rates or piece rates, 1-2 photos of their work, and phone number. Students must have basic jewelry making tools at home such a a saw, torch, hammers, etc. We will only provide materials, not tools. This is very simple work, so anyone from first year to final year can apply.

Applicants will be expected to work from home and meet either downtown or on the North East to pick up and drop off materials/finished pieces.

We ask applicants to respond via e-mail only. Please remember to leave your phone number in your response.


Company Name: EJ WIPS Designs

Contact email: info@ejwipsdesigns.ca



Sample of the steps involved for the work:


  • Cut or use die cutter for shape (rectangle or circle) – usually 1/4 or 1/2 an inch
  • Hammer for texture
  • File and sand edges
  • Solder
  • Pickle
  • Polish

We also do twisted bangles and earrings:

  • Anneal Wire
  • Twist wire (usually with a drill)
  • Measure and Cut wire
  • Form wire into bangle/earring/ring shape
  • Solder wire
  • Pickle
  • Form again if needed
  • Polish

Hopefully, these steps can give you an idea as to how much time it would take you to complete a batch of pieces. To price out either your hourly rate (with amount of pieces you can complete) or per-piece rate.