Crisis Centres/Hotlines

Police (non-emergency)

Phone: 403-266-1234 (non-emergency)

911 (emergency)

Calgary Distress Centre

Phone: 403-266-4357


Resources on the ACAD campus

Campus Counselling Centre

Location: Main Mall



Phone: 403.284.7666 (Counsellor)

403.338.5594 (ACAD counselling intern)

Campus Security

Phone: 403-284-7672/403-680-1451

Health Centre (SAIT Health Services)

Address: SAIT CAMPUS (R41, Senator Burns Building)

Phone: 403.284.8666


Community Resources

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA)

Phone: 403-237-5888

Calgary Counselling Centre

Phone: 403-691-5991

The Eastside Family Walk-in Centre

Phone: 403-299-9696

Access Mental Health

Phone: 403-943-1500

OR 1-844-943-1500

Distress Centre Calgary

Phone: 403-266-4357


Online Resources

Native Counselling Services Of Alberta –

Calgary Mental Health Association –

ACAD Resources –