The Ceramic Student Travel Group exists with the intent of providing support and fundraising opportunities to students wishing to attend the NCECA (The National Council of Education for Ceramic Arts) conference held annually in the month of March.This provides students with valuable learning experiences as well as the opportunity to meet prominent artists in the Ceramic field, most from North America. Members of the travel Group will participate in 2 major fundraising events with the potential for a few more if applicable. The main events will be a Chilibowl Sale as well as a Coffee/Tea/Mug Bakesale which will provide students and faculty the chance to purchase handmade ceramic wares and fill their bellies in the process. The funds raised by these events will be distributed amongst the participating students in the group and go towards travel expenses/spending budgets and membership.

Group Director

Name: ​ Alexa Bunnell
Email:​ ​