HolyFRUIT! @ IGNITE! is a queer and marginalized collective of artists. We are looking for artists from around Calgary to join us in a night to celebrate local artists.

Founded in 2006, IGNITE! is a festival dedicated to supporting, mentoring and presenting early career artists of all disciplines. IGNITE! allows artists to embrace risks in a supportive environment while providing resources, a bridge to the professional arts community, and meaningful opportunities for collaboration and community building with their peers.

HolyFRUIT! @ IGNITE! Wants you! This is a opportunity for experimentation in installations, one-on-one encounters, performance, movement, puppetry/mask, freakish, out of this world, music (solo & bands) performance art, installation art, roving performers, poetry, media art & film, and absolutely anything else!

Performance night is June 8th, 2018, and we are accepting applications now until May 15th, 2018. Please e-mail them to Directfromjay@gmail.com. Applications should include your name, contact information, art discipline, and a three sentence blurb about what you are planning to do!

We are offering a small honorarium to all artists.