Park_Tree_Pink (1)We’re looking for a motivated designer! Someone who is extremely motivated. Like, spin class motivated. We’re small and scrappy and need you to be our ride or die.

Does bad strategy bug you as much as poorly-kerned type? If the answer is “yes,” you’re probably just what we’re looking for. And to be fair, you might be a little crazy. But our kind of crazy, so let’s do this.

The gig: designer.

We’re looking for a designer to join our team – but not just any designer, we’re looking for an exceptional designer. We want the kind of person who can jump from account to account with ease, handle the euphoric madness of a startup-like agency and is willing to dive in with both feet and get their hands dirty. We like mixed drinks more than mixed metaphors like that one, so you’ve got to be ready for a bit of fun too.

The deets.

Do the kids still say “deets?” Honestly, we’re not sure. We got lost at “on fleek.” Anyways, let’s get serious with a serious-looking list of what we’re hoping you have:

  • 3 – 5 years of professional experience
  • Bad ass design skills (you know, the kind that will make our Creative Director jealous)
  • An exceptional drive to do really great work
  • The one above this is pretty important, so we wanted to say it again. We need the kind of person who can take a project and own it; someone who wants to be involved in everything and has the dedication to follow through
  • Really knows their way around design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. (obvs), as well as has experience building decks with Keynote or PowerPoint
  • Can build a mean deck (not with hammers– duh – with Keynote or PowerPoint).

Let’s not be strangers.

Allow us to introduce ourselves; our name is Park. That doesn’t sound as cool as when Jay-Z says it, but it’s close. Or, that’s what we think at least. You decide. Anyways, let us elaborate: we’re a digital agency dedicated to providing standout creative based in strong strategy. We’re still pretty small, but we have some pretty big clients your mom might follow on Facebook. Plus, our size means you’ll have the chance to be involved in almost everything and have significant room to grow as we do. We’d say something about the “ground floor,” but that feels really salesy. Bad strategy, you might say.

Get in touch.

Now that you know what we’re all about, we’d like to get to know you. Send your resume and portfolio to and let’s see about getting a coffee. Deal?