The Calgary Art Market is currently seeking emerging local artists that would like to showcase their art on our marketplace. The Calgary Art Market is an online marketplace that connects emerging local artists with local art lovers via an online auction tool – all with the lowest commissions in the industry. Think eBay meets Kijiji, but just for original art.

Full disclosure: this platform is meant to disrupt the art retail industry in Calgary. There is a massive, hungry market for new artists and affordable, local art and the Calgary Art Market is attempting to dish up some delicious fare to this market while kick starting new artists’ careers. Be part of this disruptive movement and register as a Calgary Art Market artist!

Learn more about the Calgary Art Market here:

*** For a limited time, a 10% commission fee (which is a 25% discount) will be available to artists that register prior to Dec 31, 2018. ***

If you’d like to register as an artist on the Calgary Art Market, fill out our Registration Form and be sure to check “Request vendor access” at the bottom of the form: