T Shirt graphic design that may be used to obtain an unspecified volume of screen print heat transfers to apply to an unspecified volume of t-shirts but will initially be used to create a vinyl transfer to a t-shirt to test the market place.  Therefore, we should have completed artwork in industry recognized file formats for this purpose.  Artwork should be in solid colors, and not be cartoony in nature.   The concept art is attached, two kayakers smacking their paddles in a ‘high five’ gesture.  We are looking for a student artist to prepare a more polished version using appropriate design techniques and color schemes.  This may lead to additional work dependent on our success with this initial concept.   Artist should be mindful, this artwork will go on t-shirts of any color, so consideration of same in preparing and generating files is important.   The least amount of different colors would be cost effective in the vinyl reproduction, without losing the concept of the graphic.   Where the paddles slap together, it would be nice to see a water effect.  The text High Five is intended to capture the thrill of kayaking with a friend.   The elements should be simple and clean, as opposed to complex and detailed.  Text placement and inclusion is dependent on completed graphic, as it is conceivable it may not be necessary.

Contact me by email to discuss:

sldykstra@shaw.ca to discuss a quote for your effort  and we will continue this conversation from there  – thank you.