“Relationships and experiences come in all shapes and sizes. Some build you up, make you feel safe, happy, capable, and truly cared for. Others can leave you feeling scared, betrayed, cheap, small, and unsure of yourself. Do you think you might be in an abusive relationship?”

Connect Family and Sexual Abuse Network can provide support and information about any type of relationship or experience. One phone call connects you to Calgary’s network of services and support. “Connect is a service for people who have big and small questions about relationships and experiences. Our goal is to help people recognize unhealthy relationships and abusive relationships in all its forms. We understand it can be hard to talk about things that are so personal. Talking to someone from Connect is as easy as talking to a friend. We’ll suggest ideas for getting support and then taking the next step is up to you.”

If you are experiencing or have questions about sexual abuse and sexual assault please call 1.403.237.5888 OR 1.877.237.5888 Toll Free in Alberta

If you are experiencing or have questions about domestic and relationship abuse please call 1.403.234.7233(SAFE) OR 1.866.606.7233 Toll Free in Alberta

If you’d like more information about Connect please visit