Our business is looking for someone to do the following with our CEO of Leverage Consulting Group Ltd.:

Someone that can:
– Follow the CEO around from meeting to meeting for several days a week, be part of the travelling with CEO
– Do the video editing while the CEO is busy in meetings they cant come into
– Do a time-lapse of the CEO’s week, with interviews of CEO and activity of CEO’s clients during the day
– Ideally a great opportunity for a student looking to make a mark as videographer.
– Must be able to build a story
– We want to showcase that Leverage Consulting Group Ltd. is more than consulting, community projects, fundraising etc.

End goals:
– To showcase the CEO’s skillsets and the value of Leverage Consulting Group Ltd.
– The cool things our clients are building and the value we provide helping them get there
– Document the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Its not full time, I imagine having someone follow the CEO 5 days out of the month on random days when the CEO has a lot going on.

Compensation would be based on experience.

Please email careers@leverage.works for more information or to apply.