Ghost Stories is a visual storytelling group art show, free from artist statements and instead full of wondrous tales.

Instead of an artist statement, each of the creators will write a short story to go along with an original piece of work produced with a folk tale, or ghost story in mind. It can be a well known tale of old, or an original work written by the artist.

Each story will be told through one or more pieces, and must be accompanied by a 500 to 1000 word written component that will be shown alongside the work. This can be a self contained story, or parts of a story told over multiple works of art.

All of the work will be compiled in to a storybook that will be available for sale during, and after the show, and the hope to is turn this in to an annual endeavour so artists can continue their stories from year to year, or come up with something entirely new.

Digital applications can be submitted at

Applications can be picked up this Friday, April 5th, from 4-9, at studio 315 at NVRLND, 1048 21 Ave. SE, T2G 1N2 and can be dropped off on May 3rd, 2019 at the same location from 4-9.

Application fee is 20$ per person. This can be submitted online, or paid with cash, debit, or credit at the location listed above.

All work produced by the artists for the show will be shown at Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, and will be sold with a 40% commission rate. The show will run from mid September to mid October. In order to produce and print the book, successful submissions must be in a photographable state by the first week of August in order to produce the book. There will be regular meetings and check-ins with the even organizers leading up to that point.