The ACAD Students’ Association leadership is composed of an elected Student Leadership Council and an Executive Committee, as well as part- and full-time staff members.

The History of ACADSA

The arts university known today as ACAD began over eighty years ago as part of the Provincial Institute of Technology and Arts, today known as SAIT.

In 1982 Richard Halliday was appointed as the department head of SAIT's arts college, where he became instrumental in creating an autonomous institution. ACAD remained a department of SAIT until 1985, when the provicial government and student body worked together to gain autonomy for the school. The Alberta College of Art was declared a separate institution, under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Colleges Act (1980). Then known as the the Alberta College of Art, in 1995, ACA was renamed to ACAD, to better represent the college's new range of undergraduate degrees.

The ACAD Students' Association was formed with Suzanne Agopsowicz – a key fighter for autonomy – as ACADSA’s first President. Thanks to her hard work, ACADSA has been a voice for students for over 25 years.

Our semiannual elections ensure that the voices of the student body remain representative, and fresh.