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AUArts Students’ Association elections take place between February-March of every academic year, with By-Elections taking place in between September-October. Everything you need to run for a position will be available here during nomination periods.

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Election Nomination Package

Important Dates:

For 2018/19 Term


Call for Elections &
Nomination Package Available

September 16

Nomination Packages Due (First Call)
September 29  no later than 4:00pm

Nomination Packages Due (Second Call)
October 1  no later than 1:00pm

Mandatory Campaign Regulations Meeting
October 1 @ 1:00pm (ACADSA office)

Campaign Forum
October 4th, LUNCH TIME in Cafeteria

Voting Days
October 9 and 10 (8:30AM – 5:30PM)
in Main Mall

Winners Announced
October 10

Mandatory Orientation for Elected Officials
October 12-15

Last day to inquire for ballot recount
October 17

Questions? Email advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca

Available Positions:

Click Job Title For Job Descriptions

Student Leadership Council
(Oct. 2018-April 2019: approx. 15 hrs per month)
Pay Rate: $50/SLC Meeting

Current Committee and Council Members:

For position and contact information please visit Executive Committee and Student Leadership Council pages in the ABOUT section.

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Interested in Running?

How To:

1. Read through + familiarize yourself with the Job Description of your intended position, Election Policies and Procedures, and Election Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest (available below)

2. Print, fill in, and get signatures on the Nomination Form.

3. Write a campaign/platform statement (max 300 words)


  • Description of interest in specific position
  • Expertise related to specific position
  • History of leadership experiences
  • Initiatives or goals you would advance

4. Save a copy or Print your Unofficial Transcript from Webservice or ACAD Registrars Office (not required for first year students).

5. Hand in election documentation (unofficial transcript, signed nomination form, printed copy of campaign statement) and $20 returnable bond to the ACADSA Office.

6. Email copy of campaign statement to Elections Officer at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca.

7. Attend the campaign regulations meeting on October 1st at 1:00pm in the ACADSA office

8. Campaign! (all posters need to be stamped for approval by ACADSA)

Questions? Email advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca

Students’ Association Election News

2703, 2018

Campaign Forum: ACADSA Elections


It’s time for ACADSA Elections! Join us in the cafeteria today (March 27), meet your candidates and get informed!

1503, 2018

Campaign Statements for 2018/19 ACADSA Election


For more information about the various positions visit www.acadsa.ca/elections. Meet and greet the candidates at the Candidates Forum on Tuesday, March 27 (between 1-2PM).


As a potential elect for the Director of Leadership and Governance position, my experience is rooted firmly within team oriented opportunities. For nearly a decade I have produced and performed within Canadian theatre, engaging in the arts community. I find myself fortunate to have acted on stages on a national scale, allowing me to use my voice and participate in team spirit on many different levels.  Attending ACAD- I am in my second/third year split majoring in Fibre with a focus in Printmaking. Currently, I am the Student Groups Coordinator at ACADSA managing 25 diverse and active student groups. Working in ACADSA has nurtured my ambition to run for this position, understanding the positive impact the association has in the school, constantly empowering the student body. Being a part of ACADSA the last year has contextualized the involvement that the Leadership and Governance position demands,gaining experience within this community and understanding what would be expected of me as a leader in the Executive Committee. ACAD is a flourishing and ever-changing community with many changes and challenges on the horizon. I aim to be a voice within that growth, to continue the dialogue that has been put into place. I am committed to being the liaison of communication between the students and ACAD’s administration. I will be aware of the changes and stay engaged within it’s process. I anticipate to be an advocate for the students, to champion the synergy that exists here at ACAD.  Without the students there would be no school, within this position I would be reminded of that every day.
I value the institutional development that ACAD aspires to and has achieved recently. I want my fellow students and myself to gain every advantage possible from our time at ACAD, whether we aspire to Graduate school or public art commissions or anything beyond and in between.

At the same time, we all have different schedules, timelines and responsibilities, so access to studios and flexibility in class schedules is important. I would look to my fellow students for their desires in class flexibility. Classmates have expressed interest in more options for Spring, credit classes, in order to ease or fulfill graduation requirements. I would follow up on that.

I would ask students for their desired content in the professional development classes. I have heard discontent repeatedly on this topic and have recently spoken with the chair of that department, who is open to ideas and to change. I want students to get what we really need from these classes, be it a progressive writing format for improving grant and school applications, or an editing of the content in general, this is something that needs to work for the students.

I would encourage open communication between ACADSA and the student body and would encourage efforts to make your representatives more visible and known to you. I would continue to encourage the open communication that has been fostered between the students and the ACAD governing bodies “ACAD”.

I have sat on juries for the Marion Nicoll Gallery and for student groups. I am currently on the Wellness Committee, Which, aspires to meet campus wellness needs. Wellness and advocacy go hand in hand. I want to advocate for what is in the greatest interest of ACAD Students, which in turn, aids in our wellness.

I am a strong and vocal voice, that is interested in, and will advocate for, what is best for you, the ACAD student.

I want to use my previous experience and interest in the welfare of ACAD students to be able to work with the rest of the ACADSA team to make the student experience as beneficial as it can be. In my several years at the school I have become familiarized with the ways that institutional changes affect students, especially the differences between the experiences of students of different departments. I spent several years as the secretary for my scout troop, which is experience that would allow me to better perform the responsibilities required by the position. This understanding and experience are important for this position because as the Director of Advocacy and Representation I would represent the student body, so I would need to understand and stay in contact with a wide variety of people, while also keeping up to date on the issues that affect them.
I would like to run for Director of External Relations because I would like to continue my mission of reconnecting ACAD to the external world.

In addition to the other post secondaries in the province, I believe ACAD needs to form symbiotic relationships with the post secondaries in Calgary in an effort to provide better services and a more cohesive experience among students.

Additionally, ACADSA needs to continue to be involved in government affairs in order to be taken seriously by the government and assert their presence in the community. This extends to the art community as well. My goal is to create a smoother communication between the various art establishments in Calgary and ACAD’s students.

All around, ACAD needs to build its relationship with the community around it, and I hope to be a part of that.

Hello ACAD! My name is Alena Martin, I’m a fourth-year print major and I am running to be your director of community and cultural affairs!

If elected to the ACADSA executive team, there are several things I will focus on to effect change as a voice for the students. One of the problems I would address while in office is the lack of mental health resources and awareness on campus. ACAD currently only has one councilor available to a school with an enrollment of just over 1000 students. During busy periods, students experience wait times ranging from three weeks to a month between sessions. This infrequency is unacceptable for students in crisis. ACAD was recently granted university status by the Government of Alberta, as well as funding initiatives involving mental health and well-being accommodations. I would like to leverage this to bring more councillors to ACAD and introduce other alternatives for students to seek out help if they need it.  Another important topic I would like to address while seated in this position is bringing change and attention to ACAD’s policies and procedures regarding student health and wellness. In particular, I want to implement a comprehensive sexual harassment policy to be introduced to students through course safety talks and course outlines. I want students to know that there are support systems in place in case of such events as well as promoting the prevention of sexual harassment and assault within ACAD. I also want to introduce free menstrual products to campus, similar to what was done this year at the University of Calgary. For my third task I will improve communications within ACAD, especially among students. Many students at ACAD remain uninformed about important news, policies and events regarding our school. I want to engage with the student body and allow for as much transparency between ACAD, ACADSA and students as possible. Organization, communication, well-being and safety will be my most important tasks in this leadership role in order to guarantee students will be welcomed and accepted into ACAD’s community.

Questions? Contact me at alena.martin@acad.ca!

Hello my name is Emily Elizabeth Melaugh, and I am a third year painting major. I was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida where I attended University of North Florida for 2 years prior to coming to ACAD. I am running for Director of Cultural and Community affairs, and as your representative I would be dedicated to growing the student community at ACAD. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m an extrovert who’s always excited to host events and make new friends. I am an organized individual who would be excited to create and enact fun events for our school a couple times a semester. Halloween Party anyone?

In addition, being a part of our health and wellness team, I will help facilitate access to school resources and be an open ear for anyone to reach out to. As someone who understands the struggles of the average art college student, on top of being an international transfer; I can really help with guidance and a fresh perspective to student problems.

ACAD’s community is a melting pot, and my goal is to make it more of a Mosaic. In a melting pot scenario, the artists and teachers assimilate into the culture to blend in and work together. In a mosaic, each artistic discipline is celebrated for its value and diversity, and can be harmonized with other students and teachers to create an overall mosaic image of our community. My goal is to facilitate the building of bridges and friendships between the different subcultures and artistic practices inside our school. If elected, my hope is that I will help us shine brightly together and glitter through the rainbow glass of our school’s dream Mosaic.

The reason why I am choosing to run for General Studies is because I enjoy seeing the diverse works from the various studio classes and works specific to each and everyone’s major. As a very open minded person, I believe that all works of art are truly beautiful, all in their own unique light. This is the reason why I would be a good candidate for General Studies because as an open minded person, I can offer a non biased perspective and will do my best to help anybody out with their concerns or questions that would help the student satisfaction of part or all of the institution if I get elected, specific or not.


My goals for this position is to at least achieve one thing that will help as many students as possible. So, that being said, if I get elected, I will not neglect your help and do my best to offer a different perspective and if needed, forward your concerns to the higher ups to satisfy your experience in this institution. That being said, let me help you with any troubles that are not to student satisfaction. Thank you for your time.

Nikolas Havlock is running for the position of character design representative. If elected this will be his second time holding this position, he is excited to have the opportunity to continue the work that was started during the 2017-2018 school year. Nikolas is dedicated to continuing to strengthen the pathways of communication between faculty and students, as well as working with the Design Chairs to shape the VCD program for the future.
I am interested in running for the position as the SLC Fibre Department Representative in the 2018-2019 academic school year. I believe that I will be able to help create an environment for students at the school that they are happy with, by listening to their concerns, and helping to relay these concerns in the bi-monthly meetings. A position like this is essential to the students of each department, as the representative is responsible for being the fellow student’s voice. This will be an amazing opportunity for me as an incoming 3rd year student to gain some valuable knowledge about ACAD as well as the student body, and allow me to be a voice for other students in the Fibre Department. Recently I have been a part of the Student Groups Jury, in which we decided which groups get funding, as well as how much, and this experience has opened my eyes to the opportunities like this that are available for students in the school. I hope to continue getting more involved in the Fibre Department with this SLC position, as well as hear the concerns of other departments in the meetings to continually gain more knowledge about the school.
I love my department and would love to make it better in every way I know how.  I want to help represent those who have no time to speak up and after four years of being at ACAD I have the skills to communicate and instill trust in my compatriots that I will work hard for them.  We have a great community to build upon with lots of potential to do great things in the school.

Next year will be my fifth year at ACAD.  I know my way around the school and how I can improve it.  I have always done my best to advocate for my own needs and the needs of others.  Transparency and communication is key to being as efficient in this position as possible. One thing I would love to do is help the Fibre department become more active within the school.  By helping Cloth Club with fundraising, and listening to the ideas of my cohorts we can create something everyone can be a part of.  I would also like to look into opening the Art Hole again.  It is one of the spaces within the school that should be taken advantage of.  It has a lot to offer as another student-lead space for art and fundraising.

I have always been in teaching positions throughout my life, notably when I was an assistant instructor teaching martial arts for people as young as six and as old as sixty-five.  I have helped lead self-defense workshops for Women In Need and All Sport One Day. I have also been an advocate for mental health within my community and my personal relationships.  Acting as someone who supports and encourages individuals to find solutions that work for them instead of all-encompassing suggestions.

Hello, my name is Leia (Shi Jie) Guo, and I would like to run for the Glass Representative position in SLC. I have had experience in high school as part of Student Council, and have volunteered in my community with people of all ages. I have also been one of the First Year representatives for Show+ Sale, as well as a TA for one of the First Year glass classes this semester. I work well with my peers, and I’d like to help make positive change in ACAD, and in the Glass department. As a student, I believe that our time here at ACAD is a time not only to grow, but a time to make the most out of our practices and experiences. For this to happen, there needs to be a strong representative for the student body. I will be a 2nd year Glass major in the fall, and I am eager to learn and listen to everyone in the department to help make our voice heard. Some issues I would like to discuss would be general funding for the glass department, equipment funding, and student/teacher/technician relations. I’d like to learn with my peers about what needs to be discussed, what they care about in the school, and how as a department we can give the best experience for our students.
As the previous illustration representative, I, Alexia Mitchell have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the position and criteria needed in order to accurately represent the students. I find communication is of vital importance, and I am the type of person that is loud and vocal about issues in my department. There are a lot of concerns that have come up last year, and it’s important that those concerns are presented in a way where there is action or at least acknowledgement about the topics students are addressing. I want the school as a whole to grow and work with, not against, the student body, and only through consistent, honest, and professional communication can we achieve this. Based on my involvement in the last year, I feel that I can continue to bring qualities of leadership, community, integrity, and passion to the position, and hope that the students will support me in my campaign.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Why am I running?

-To give a voice for my fellow students who feel under represented, particularly in the jewellry department.

-To gain a better understanding first hand at the processes in the decision making of ACAD, so that clear lines of communication can reach the students.

Why am I qualified?

-I can speak my mind without fear, knowing that my words echo the sentiments of my colleagues and I am their doubts and praise given voice on the board.

-Able to make informed decisions based on what is presented to me, but also knowing that I need to dig deeper to make sure EVERYTHING is presented to all on the council.

-Served as representative on committees or in unions before, and am prepared for the craziness that comes with this kind of information sharing organization.

What are my key topics?

-The under representation of not only the student voice but ACADSA as a whole, and insuring that ACAD students have a much clearer understanding of what ACADSA is and does for them.

-Saving what remains of the jewellery program and trying to bring some things back to it, while also trying to attract more students to the program.

-Aiding my fellow ACADSA reps and directors in leading ACAD to a better future through negotiation and socialization with other student run organizations like SAITSA and UofCSU.

As a 3rd year painting student who is already established within the ACADSA community, it is a joy to be running for the Painting SLC department representative position. My artistic practice in the relational aesthetics realm propels me to work within communities to increase bonds and communication between individuals.

From being one of the 8 students who attended the student Painting department meeting, I have found that the communication between the students and the ACAD government needs improvement. It is because of this that I would make it my primary initiative to increase communication within the painting department. Alongside this, I am determined to bring awareness to the entire department, especially in relation to the uncertainty of the Painting Show, that seems to be going around.

I am a liaison, a bridge that connects the politics of ACAD to the everyday life of the students. My energy and enthusiasm to be the representative for the students will make our community a more unified and celebrated one.

My experience being part of ACADSA this past term has been a great one. ACAD is in a critical moment right now and my top priority is to distribute information and help make important decisions on the behalf of the students. I believe that I would be the best choice for photography representative, as I have been up to date on the happenings of ACADSA and other school committees. As the photography representative, I plan to have monthly or bi-monthly department meetings, as it’s extremely important to me that all students in the Photography program are up-to-date on all the things happening in our department and the school. I want our program, school, and students to excel and be the pillars of the community we all know we are.
1503, 2018

ACADSA 2018/19 Election Candidates (Vote on April 4-5)

Hey ACADSA members,

Here are your candidates for the 2018-19 ACADSA Election. Voting will take place on April 4th + April 5th. Polling stations will be located in the Main Mall from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on both days. This is your opportunity to have a say on who represents you for the 2018/19 academic year. For more information visit www.acadsa.ca/elections.

For Director of Leadership & Governance, Executive Committee

  • Simone Saunders

For Director of Advocacy & Representation, Executive Committee

  • Fiona Couillard
  • Jenna Van Buekenhout

For Director of External Relations, Executive Committee

  • Kayla Gale

For Director of Cultural & Community Affairs, Executive Committee

  • Alena Martin
  • Emily Elizabeth Melaugh

For BFA General Studies Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Jay Orion

For Character Design Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Nikolas Havlock

For Fibre Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Eva Birhanu
  • Victoria Nagy

For Glass Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Leia (Shi Jie) Guo

For Illustration Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Alexia Mitchell

For Jewellery + Metals Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Josh Howard

For Painting Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Francesca Flaskay

For Photography Representative, Student Leadership Council

  • Haley Eyre

If you would like more information on these candidates you can look at their platform/campaign statements at www.acadsa.ca/2018/03/campaign-statements-for-201819-acadsa-election/, or you can attend the meet and greet Candidates Forum that will be happening on Tuesday, March 27 (between 1-2PM) in the cafeteria.

There are no candidates running for the following positions:

  • Advertising Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • Ceramics Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • First Year Studies Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • Graduate Studies Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • Graphic Design Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • Media Arts + Digital Technologies Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • Drawing Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • International Student Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • Print Media Representative, Student Leadership Council
  • Sculpture Representative, Student Leadership Council

If you have any questions please email (the official elections officer at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca. Thank you!

Dalyce Bryant
Director of Advocacy & Representation
Alberta College of Art + Design Students’ Association

2002, 2018

Notice of Elections


ACADSA is looking for students who are interested in representing their department for the Student Leadership Council (SLC) and Executive Committee (EC).

We have made some changes to our team based on feedback we received at our Annual General Meeting and from your current representatives; we hope that this change will be better suited to represent the unique qualities of our campus. As a member of the SLC/EC you will be provided exciting professional development opportunities and participating on a governing board is a wonderful addition to your CV and can propel your career in many ways. Please note that these positions are all paid opportunities for students!


Nominations Open: February 26th-March 9th

Nomination forms DUE: March 9th

Mandatory campaign regulations meeting: March 13th

Campaign Forum – March 27th

Voting days: April 4th-5th

Polls Close April 5th by 5:00pm

Winners Announced on April 6th

The following representative positions are available, please see website for more details and nominations package:

Executive Committee

– Director of Leadership and Governance

– Director of Advocacy and Representation

– Director of Community and Culture

– Director of External Relations

Student Leadership Council

– Advertising

– BFA General Studies

– Ceramics

– Character Design

– (2) First Year Studies

– Glass

– Graduate Studies

– Graphic Design

– Illustration

– Jewellery + Metals

– Media Arts + Digital Technologies

– Painting

– Photography

– Drawing

– Fibre

– International Student

– Print Media

– Sculpture

Please carefully read all the documents included in the Elections Package (available at www.acadsa.ca/about/elections/)

Please drop off your election package into the ACADSA office. Our regular office hours are Monday – Thursday 10 to 4PM, but we will make sure someone is in the office on Friday for all those last minute submissions.

If you have read the documents and still have questions please email the official elections officer at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca, or just come into the office and ask!

Thank you!

Dalyce Bryant
Director of Advocacy & Representation
Alberta College of Art + Design Students’ Association

202, 2018

Win a $75 Visa Giftcard!! 2017-18 Advocacy Survey

Website_survey_page_banner_1718ACADSA is looking for your feedback to help guide the incoming Executive Committee and Student Leadership Council in their advocacy efforts for the 2018/19 academic year. ACADSA recognizes that student feedback is essential for ensuring that the Executive and SLC represent your interests and voice to the decision making bodies of the college. In order to do that effectively, we need to hear from as many of you as possible! Please fill out this short survey to help us determine the best way to better serve, represent, and advocate for you!

There are questions in the survey regarding course workload, contact time with your instructors, accessing services, and ACADSA programming initiatives. It is so important that ALL students fill this survey out so we can get a better understanding of how your overall experience at ACAD could be improved, and what changes you’d like to see moving forward that we can advocate for on your behalf.

Personal identification information is not required, however if you would like to provide your name and email at the end of the survey you’ll be entered into a draw to win a $75 visa gift card!

*Survey data is kept separate from the survey entries so your submission will still be kept anonymous.

Please note: General survey results may be shared with administration, the Board of Governors and the ACADSA team. Your individual answers will be kept anonymous and will not be shared with anyone.

If you have a grievance that you’d like to report, please see the ACADSA website under “Get Involved/Student Rights” for more information on how to submit a formal complaint through our Action Forms.

Survey Link: https://form.jotform.com/ACADSA/advocacy-survey-2017-18

Estimated Time To Complete Survey: 10-15 minutes

Deadline: Monday, February 26th at Midnight

2211, 2017

Annual General Meeting (November 29 from 1 to 3 pm)

2017AGMInsta2“What does ACADSA do anyways?” Attend our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, November 29 to find out! Get an introduction to our programming and responsibilities, our advocacy focuses and efforts, and our governing structure, and there will be a discussion period at the end to determine how we should communicate with YOU, our fellow ACAD students.

If you have questions about the meeting, please email Camille Porcheron, Director of Leadership and Governance, at leadership.acadsa@acad.ca