The ACADSA Staff

The ACADSA staff is made up of full, part-time, and casual positions that exist to assist the Student Leadership Council and Executive Committee in fulfilling ACADSA's mandate.


Sarah Grodecki, Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the oversight and administration of ACADSA’s direction, financial planning, and relations with the college.


Joel Farris, Career Development Program Manager

The Career Development Program Manager supports the organization and administration of ACADSA-sponsored professional development events, including the Show + Sale.


Kiah Gutowski, Office + Communications Manager

The Office + Communications Manager supports all ACADSA operations; manages office logistics, documents and finances; coordinates internal and external communication regarding ACADSA activities; as well as maintains ACADSA’s web presence.


Jeannie Gorrie, Health + Wellness Program Manager

The Health & Wellness Program Manager will provide administrative and logistical assistance and support to the operations of the ACADSA Health & Wellness Program; oversees ACADSA’s Artist-in-Residence Program.


Mike Hooves, Student Groups Coordinator

The Student Groups Coordinator provides support and guidance to ACADSA student groups, and facilitates related events.


Laura Pritchard, Marion Nicoll Gallery Coordinator

The Marion Nicoll Gallery (MNG) Coordinator organizes the committee review of gallery submissions, and considers the installation, facilitation, and promotion of MNG’s wholly student-run shows.


Charlee Witschi, Graphic Design Coordinator

The Graphic Design Coordinator is responsible for supporting the development of all promotional materials for the organization.


Marissa Gruenke, Bar Services Coordinator

The Bar Services Coordinator is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the ACADSA Bar Services.


Christina Mathieson, Gallery & Program Technician

The ACADSA Gallery & Program Technician is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of inventory management, handling, installation, and the display of artwork is carried out in an efficient and professional manner to support the operations of ACADSA programming.

– Updated June 13, 2018