The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) manages the affairs of ACADSA in accordance with the decisions of the Student Leadership Council, and with the bylaws of ACADSA. Elections for the Executive Committee are generally held in March of each year. Each member of the Executive Committee is elected for a one-year term.

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My name is Simone, I am in my third year of studies majoring in Fibre with a focus in Printmaking. I look forward to meeting you! Say hi in the halls or come by the ACADSA office, you can locate my desk in the back of the room or leave a message with one of my colleagues.

Any questions or concerns you have regarding the Executive Committee or the SLC, I am your liaison for developing strong and collaborative teams; how they operate, the cultural organization, management and implementation of these groups. I also focus on areas of Governance, policy, administration and human resources. Please feel free to address what’s on your mind with me. I meet with ACAD’s President, Daniel Doz monthly to advocate for us, students. You are the voice, I am open and approachable, let’s talk!  

My email is:

My Drop in Hours are every Monday from 10am-11:30am, otherwise please make an appointment with me as I’m also in classes when not in the office.

The Director of Leadership & Governance acts as the liaison between the student body and the Executive Committee and works closely with ACADSA’s Executive Director to ensure the Association is working towards accomplishing the goals and objectives as set out in the strategic plan.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Human Resources



Hi, my name is Fiona, I’m a fourth year Painting Major but you may have seen me in the fibre or printing studios. I like to explore concepts across different mediums.

If you see me in the studios or around school please say hi and introduce yourself.

As the Director of Advocacy, I am here to assist you largely with academic concerns. I sit on the Academic Council and work closely with the Registrar’s office. That being said, the Executive Committee at ACADSA work as a team so feel free to share your concerns. If I can help you I will, even if it is only to direct you to the right person.

My email is:

You can often find me in the ACADSA office, especially during my Drop in Hour every Wednesday from 1-2pm.

The Director of Advocacy & Representation serves as the official advocate for student concerns in all areas of institutional academic affairs.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Advocacy
  • Institutional Development
  • Student Voice
  • Governance
  • Campus Engagement



Hello! My name is Alena and I am a fourth year Print major. Although my practice focuses on Print Media I also enjoy exploring the fibre department here at ACAD and what the different instructors and classes have to offer. I work with natural dyes, quilting, and traditional techniques of Print Media.

My role here at ACADSA is community and culture, but don’t let that title sway you from contacting me about important topics! I focus on events here at ACAD, as well as student advocacy and sexual violence awareness initiatives.

My email is:

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding my work I do here for students or are unsure about my role, feel free to send me an email or come by during my Drop in Hours every Tuesday from 2-4pm.

The Director of Cultural & Community Affairs develops the culture of the ACAD community by advocating for quality student experience and encourages student engagement with campus programming initiatives.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Communications
  • Internal Relationships
  • Student Experience
  • Event Planning



I’m Kayla, I’m a jewellery major in my second-and-a-half year at ACAD.

My position is Director of External Relations. If you want ACADSA to advocate to the government for a specific reason, you’d come to me and I could spread the word.

You’ll find me in the jewellery hallway, 4th floor on the southside. I’m kinda awkward, but always happy to talk! You can find me during my ACADSA office hours at the first sideways computer when you enter the office from the main mall. I’m pretty quick to respond!

My email is:

My Winter Semester office Drop in Hours are Fridays from 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

The Director of External Relations serves as the public representative of the Executive Committee and promotes the mandate and objectives of the organization to the external community.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Fundraising


– Updated January 7, 2019
Credit: Photos by Haley Eyre