Buttoneers Annual President’s Button Competition

March 7, 2019 All day

President Doz in partnership with the AUArts SA Buttoneers has created the annual President’s Button Competition.

The selected winner will be awarded 500$!

The buttons will be made and distributed on or before the AUArts grad show. The winning design will be proudly worn, displayed, and given away at other prominent events the President hosts or attends over the next 6 months. The deadline for submissions is March 7, 2019. Please submit all designs to AUArts Buttoneer Director Alexia Mitchell (alexia.mitchell@acad.ca).

Considerations for the design are as follows:

  • Promotes AUArts (Alberta University of the Arts)
  • Promotes Arts, Culture, Craft, and Design
  • Activist quality to it (We want to show art is of value to the province!)
  • Connects AUArts to Alberta and/or Calgary

Digital templates can be found here: https://www.sixcentpress.com/_files/pdf/2_25_inch_template.pdf but if there are any questions I am happy to assist in formatting or answering any other questions anyone may have.

Thanks so much!