The ACADSA ‘Healthy Habits’ campaign is an online knowledge hub, which strives to educate students on an array of wellness topics. Through videos and blog-style posts, our campaign aims to empower students to be proactive in taking charge of their mental health and wellbeing.

Healthy Habits Topics


Empower Me – Provided by StudentCare.ca

Are you aware of the campus mental health resources available to you? ACADSA health and dental plan members have access to Empower Me—a mental health and wellness service that seeks [...]

Self-Care Starter Kit

Are you unsure of what it means to practice self-care? Maybe unsure of what will work for you? Check out Homewood Health’s Self-Care Starter Kit to set up your own [...]

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Mental Health Meter

How familiar are you with your own mental health? Check out Canadian Mental Health Association’s mental health meter to gain a greater understanding of where your mental health is at: [...]

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Money Basic’s Workshop – From CMHA

Having trouble budgeting your finances? Check out CMHA - Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region’s ‘Money Basics’ workshop to gain tips on how to better manage your money in [...]

Coping with Current Events

As our world becomes more connected, we are being exposed to more news than ever before. The never-ending stream of news can have a huge impact on our mood, sense [...]

Work Experience: Volunteer For A Good Cause

Summer is definitely the time to focus on getting some ‘me’ time, but you can help both yourself and others by offering your services as a volunteer. Whatever your cause, [...]

7 Simple Summer Health Benefits from evolvingwellness.com

The sun and the warmth call us outside. This type of weather opens the doors to countless ways of being active, while enjoying the great outdoors. From walks and jogs, [...]

4 Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Keep cool this summer and stay hydrated! For tips and tricks on how to create healthy hydration habits check out the following article: https://www.everydayhealth.com/columns/johannah-sakimura-nutrition-sleuth/simple-ways-stay-hydrated-this-summer/

Student recipes | BBC Good Food

We all know finding healthy and accessible food on campus can be challenging, especially for those who have night classes. Making your own meals can be a healthier and cheaper [...]

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Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars + ACADSA: Sexual Health Resources

If video does not load, click here to view on youtube. Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars talks with us about Calgary's local sexual health resources. Topics include PAP tests, HPV, [...]

Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars + ACADSA: Relationships Video

If video does not load, click here to view on youtube. Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars talks with us about relationships, boundaries, and consent. Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars (https://www.eudaimoniasexualityseminars.ca/) Eudaimonia Sexuality [...]

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Healthy Habits Prize Pack – February 2018

Enter to win items to help you be proactive in taking charge of your health and wellbeing!! This will be an in-person draw entry at two of [...]

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