For current student group list, including student run galleries, visit Student Group Main Page.

Coven Gallery

The Coven Gallery is a small, student-run pop-up space, committed to providing an alternative area for ACAD students to exhibit new and innovative work.

Café Gallery

The Café Gallery is a collaborative effort of designers and illustrators to improve the visibility of ACAD students' commercial artwork. Our goal is to offer a professional and public space for exhibition to the broader community.

Gallery Gaulin

Gallery Gaulin is a student-run gallery dedicated to showcasing and promoting emerging print media artists.

Poly + Ester Gallery

The Poly + Ester gallery mandate is to promote and maintain a supportive venue for the artistic development of ACAD students, with a focus to fibre-based practice.

Wall Gallery

The Wall Gallery is an exhibition space that provides students the equal opportunity to showcase their work through solo, group, and curated exhibitions in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Creig Gallery

The Creig Gallery is an exhibition space open to all ACAD students. It is a venue for showcasing two-dimensional, non-projection, photo-based work. The work may span all visual practices represented at ACAD.

The Closet Gallery/Render Room

The Closet Gallery and Render Room are exhibition spaces for showcasing projection-based and free-standing installation work that explores new media and technology.

The Nomad Gallery

The Nomad Gallery is a temporary, portable exhibition space for ACAD students, faculty, and alumni. 

The IVAN Gallery

The IVAN Gallery is a combined indoor/outdoor exhibition space, maintained and promoted by student groups. The IVAN Gallery is sculpture-focused; use of the space by other departments is contingent on board approval.