Contact ACAD Security: 403-284-7672

Security is located in the ACAD Main Mall, beside the ACADSA Office. ACAD Security also supplies parking passes, locker numbers, ID cards, and a lost-and-found.

ACAD Campus Security

ACAD Campus Security patrols our College to ensure student personal safety, access to space, first aid, and accident/incident reporting as needed.

Students are encouraged to contact Security if they feel threatened, if there is an accident or injury, if they witness an act of vandalism or aggression, or if they see any suspicious activity on campus. ACAD Campus Security patrols on campus during all open building hours.


The SAIT Students’ Association sponsors a Safewalk program.

Friendly safewalk volunteers will walk you to your car, or to within a 10-block radius of the SAIT/ACAD campus. Contact the SAITSA Safewalk program at 403.284.SAFE (7233).